Serenity in a Bedroom

I’m sure we can all agree that one of the greatest feelings is being able to walk in to your bedroom and feel a sense of quiet relaxtion.  This is mainly due to the fact of how the bedroom is decorated to make you feel that way.  Before getting to that point we’re sure many of you feel that decorating a bedroom is just as, if not, harder than trying to decorate a kitchen or a living room.  Here are a few ideas to keep in mind to help ease your mind off the difficulty decorating your master bedroom could be!

  • Placing the bed- Try having the head of the bed on the wall opposite of the bedroom’s entrance.  Don’t worry if the headboard is blocking the window, how the bed is positioned is more important.  Another suggestion would be to place the bed still opposite of the entrance way, but making sure it is not right up against a wall or on a diagonal.  Something else to consider is what is your first thought when walking in to a bedroom.  Do you want to see the bed directly across from, or would you rather view the window scene?  These questions will be able to help answer any type of unsure questions you might hav regarding bed placement.
  • Buying nightstands- Figuring out the size of the stand you need is a rather easy task.  All you really need to figure out are the items that will be going on top of it to determine how big of one you will need to purchase.  Picking a stand with a larger top will allow for more items to go on top of it, or if you are more minimized, one with drawers would work as well.  You can also try positioning the nightstands to match the height of the mattress. Nightstands are great for welcoming an accent of color or a new furniture piece.
  • Traffic & seating areas- It’s a great feeling to wake up in a gigantically large bed, but just make sure that it is not dominating the entire bedroom!  Place your bed within the dimensions of your other pieces of furniture in which you plan to put in your room.  Some ideas for furniture pieces could be a single chair, or even a small table.  Just a rule of thumb, try and leave at least 2 feet of walking distance around the perimeter of the bed.
  • Decor- Inviting nature inside can be a wonderful way to create a calm environment. Add a plant or two, which will not only add color to the space, it will filter the air in your bedroom. Hang up artwork featuring ocean or forest scenes. Choose paint and bedspread colors that evoke a sense of serenity, like soft blues or greens.
  • Work Spaces & Clutter- The worst thing you can do in a bedroom space is clutter it up or add a work space. You’ll never be able to be fully calm or rested when you see these constant reminders of work or mess every evening before you fall asleep and every morning when you awake.

Now you have a few easy things to put into consideration when decorating your bedroom. Good luck and may you have a peaceful rest!

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