How will you be spending Black Friday?

Ahh can you believe that Black Friday is only a couple days away?!  Hard to believe that after we are all done stuffing our faces with Turkey and desserts it will be that time to start getting ready for the midnight madness sales!  Get your wallets ready because there is shopping to be had! Competitor price-matching is used at its finest on Black Friday. This is the time of year that retailers are able to implement their marketing tactics for their hot line items. This enables stores to market these items on the front of advertisements to reel in their perspective consumers. Statistics have shown that these advertisements draw in more consumers than any other national holiday- how crazy is that!?  More and more consumers worry each year about not having money for Christmas gifts, so you can see why this time of year is so crucial for consumers! The downfall to this tactic is that the hot line items are only produced in a limited quantity. This is exactly why the consumer market is so competitive during this time each year.  Often times you end up waiting all hours of the night, standing in that line, feeling like you are never going to get to the front door, and then to find out that the item you have been waiting and waiting for just got sold out!  I am sure we can all attest to that happening at some point!  Here are 3 easy steps to ensure that does not happen to you this year:

  • Shop from home- This is an easier way to avoid the headache.  Also retailers are now offering specials if you make online purchases.
  • Make a shopping list in advance of everything you plan on buying.  This will help alleviate getting distracted on purchasing additional, unnecessary items.  Remember creative marketing tactics work every year on someone!
  • Don’t neglect the little items! For homeowners it’s the perfect time to shop for those small appliances or countertop needs!

So how will you be spending your Black Friday?  Will you be all snuggled up on the couch with a nice cup of tea and a blanket doing your shopping stress free online?  Or will you be out exploring all the havoc and chaos in the retail stores?!

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