Home Gyms Gets Heart Pumping

Wouldn’t we all love to work out if our gym looked like this?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, that new year’s resolution to hit up the gym on a daily basis to get back in shape and lose the holiday weight is already starting to be challenging, especially with the cold snowy weather.  This is the peak of the year where we all want to get into shape and perfect that beach body before the summer time hits.  The truth is by the time 5:00pm rolls around, it’s cold and dark outside, you have to get in your car to drive home, change into your gym gear, then drive to the gym. And lets not forget about dinner! Certainly, the motivation drastically decreases.  At that point, you just want to stay home in the luxury of your nice warm house.  Well guess what? There’s a solution! Why not enjoy the luxury of your home and exercise at the same time?  It won’t cost drastically more than your yearly gym membership and it’s a space your whole family can utilize. Here are some tips to convert an extra room in your house to your new, personalized gym:

  1. inspirational gym- stay motivated when you work out by surrounding yourself with your favorite photos or collectibles to maintain that positive attitude.
  2. all-inclusive workout- use an entertainment system to organize your weights, keep extra towels, or store water bottles.  Add a tv and favorite dvd to exercise to and your workout is sure to be a success!
  3. visual transformation-add floor to floor ceiling mirrors against one wall, so you can really take notice on everything you are doing to perfect your workout as well as brighten the space if you’re in a basement or room with no windows.
  4. yoga studio- a spare bedroom or office is perfect to create a yoga studio.  Ambient lighting and yoga mats are the only things you need to create this oasis!
  5. stair workout- have an awkward area underneath the stairs in your basement?  Stick a piece of equipment in there!
  6. cool down- we all love the cool down phase of the workout process. Create a seating bench with built in storage to hide any extra weights or towels you might have laying around.
  7. family workout- include the entire family!  Paint a wall with chalkboard paint and add some things for the kids to play with.  This way not only will they be content, you can enjoy your workout and all be in the same room together!
  8. gym addict- convert your old attic into a gym, stretching area, and yoga studio.  This is also a perfect way to get rid of all that old, unused junk stored up there!
  9. office break- if you’re limited to space, try squeezing it in to your home office.  This would be a great way to always keep you on your toes and remember your workouts at the end of the day.

So this winter, don’t get discouraged!  Create your own personalized gym in the convenience of your own home and hopefully you’ll find that motivation to get in shape for good!

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