The Adams Model for Today’s “Mature” Lifestyle

Today’s “mature” home owners prefer to have the luxury of one floor living. This spacious 2,084 sq. ft.  model will fill that need with some additional built in benefits.

This particular model offers an entry foyer area rather than opening right into the living area. This gives a more formal entrance for greeting your guests.

No more carrying heavy laundry baskets up and down steps! No more struggling to carry the vacuum while cleaning those steps!

One floor homes are energy efficient, so you’re not spending extra money heating a second floor.

The family room and kitchen are inviting and open to create a relaxing atmosphere for entertaining your guests. The modern island also provides a gathering area for you and your guests to enjoy with plenty of room for food preparation and entertainment.

The master bedroom lies in the opposite corner of the two other bedrooms to give privacy to your guests. With the master bath and the separate bath for guests, you can provide that privacy for family or friends visiting overnight.

Ranch homes offer a great resale value as your market will be much wider in terms of possible buyers. Ranch homes are perfect for older home owners who prefer not to climb steps on a daily basis and also don’t require all the square footage needed when raising a family.

All Folino Homes’ floor plans can be customized to fit your specific needs. For additional photos of our Adams model, click here. And don’t forget, we build all over Berks and surrounding counties!

Outdoor Living in Style

What better way to enjoy the warmer weather than in your own outdoor living space? You can customize your extended living area to fit your family needs. Would you want to add a unique area to entertain family and friends while sharing a refreshing drink? Would you love to have an outdoor grilling area to move your meals outside? Or would you enjoy relaxing around a fire pit enjoying a clear night sky? Or all of the above? Keep reading for more tips on how to create your own outdoor oasis:

  • Spruce Up Your Patio: It’s impossible to relax on a patio that has split and warped wood, needs staining or contains dirty concrete. It’s just a constant reminder of the work that needs to be done around your home! Have you considered an elegant stamped concrete patio? It’s a project that will not break the bank and requires minimal upkeep. There are tons of stamps to choose from, as well your choice of color:


  • Add a Water Feature: Creates a relaxing environment (who could not benefit from that) with very low maintenance.

  • Plant Racks or Trellis – Especially great for small yards to add more greenery and accent pieces that will make you feel at home on your patio.


  • Pergola – These architectural structures define outdoor rooms and you can decorate with hanging lanterns, curtains, candles and plants.

Creating your personal patio area can include the design of the patio layout, the materials you use to create it, the furniture you choose, and the accessories you include. The best way to achieve what you’re looking for is to design it like you would a space in your home. Outdoor living is exactly that, an extension to your home. Picture yourself in the outdoors, entertaining with family and friends while creating timeless memories and start designing your oasis!

Check back again when we’ll be featuring some DIY ideas for your outdoor space!

How will you be spending Black Friday?

Ahh can you believe that Black Friday is only a couple days away?!  Hard to believe that after we are all done stuffing our faces with Turkey and desserts it will be that time to start getting ready for the midnight madness sales!  Get your wallets ready because there is shopping to be had! Competitor price-matching is used at its finest on Black Friday. This is the time of year that retailers are able to implement their marketing tactics for their hot line items. This enables stores to market these items on the front of advertisements to reel in their perspective consumers. Statistics have shown that these advertisements draw in more consumers than any other national holiday- how crazy is that!?  More and more consumers worry each year about not having money for Christmas gifts, so you can see why this time of year is so crucial for consumers! The downfall to this tactic is that the hot line items are only produced in a limited quantity. This is exactly why the consumer market is so competitive during this time each year.  Often times you end up waiting all hours of the night, standing in that line, feeling like you are never going to get to the front door, and then to find out that the item you have been waiting and waiting for just got sold out!  I am sure we can all attest to that happening at some point!  Here are 3 easy steps to ensure that does not happen to you this year:

  • Shop from home- This is an easier way to avoid the headache.  Also retailers are now offering specials if you make online purchases.
  • Make a shopping list in advance of everything you plan on buying.  This will help alleviate getting distracted on purchasing additional, unnecessary items.  Remember creative marketing tactics work every year on someone!
  • Don’t neglect the little items! For homeowners it’s the perfect time to shop for those small appliances or countertop needs!

So how will you be spending your Black Friday?  Will you be all snuggled up on the couch with a nice cup of tea and a blanket doing your shopping stress free online?  Or will you be out exploring all the havoc and chaos in the retail stores?!

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