Outdoor Living in Style

Folino Homes : March 27, 2013 11:17 am : blog, Uncategorized

What better way to enjoy the warmer weather than in your own outdoor living space? You can customize your extended living area to fit your family needs. Would you want to add a unique area to entertain family and friends while sharing a refreshing drink? Would you love to have an outdoor grilling area to move your meals outside? Or would you enjoy relaxing around a fire pit enjoying a clear night sky? Or all of the above? Keep reading for more tips on how to create your own outdoor oasis:

  • Spruce Up Your Patio: It’s impossible to relax on a patio that has split and warped wood, needs staining or contains dirty concrete. It’s just a constant reminder of the work that needs to be done around your home! Have you considered an elegant stamped concrete patio? It’s a project that will not break the bank and requires minimal upkeep. There are tons of stamps to choose from, as well your choice of color:


  • Add a Water Feature: Creates a relaxing environment (who could not benefit from that) with very low maintenance.

  • Plant Racks or Trellis – Especially great for small yards to add more greenery and accent pieces that will make you feel at home on your patio.


  • Pergola – These architectural structures define outdoor rooms and you can decorate with hanging lanterns, curtains, candles and plants.

Creating your personal patio area can include the design of the patio layout, the materials you use to create it, the furniture you choose, and the accessories you include. The best way to achieve what you’re looking for is to design it like you would a space in your home. Outdoor living is exactly that, an extension to your home. Picture yourself in the outdoors, entertaining with family and friends while creating timeless memories and start designing your oasis!

Check back again when we’ll be featuring some DIY ideas for your outdoor space!

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A New Breed of Space Heaters Helps You Stay Toasty in Style

Folino Homes : January 30, 2013 11:39 am : blog

Well that time of year is officially here, the cold, ice and snow!  Nothing like trying to bundle up and keeping warm on your comfortable couch watching some of your favorite shows!  The new designs on the market for space heaters have got everyone going out to purchase at least one. Their new styles are not only sleek and efficient but you are still able to maintain your style in addition to keeping warm.  There are many reasons to utilize a space heater. The most important reason is by turning down your central thermostat in your house and using a space heater, it can actually be a more efficient way to heat your home! Just make sure that when using the space heater you close all doors in surrounding rooms so that you are not heating those areas as well.  Here are some models for suggestions that you can look into purchasing for your home:

  • Staddler Form Max Heater/Fan, Swizz Style-  this cool device is versatile so that you can use it all year round!  It even comes in multiple colors to choose from.  The picture above is what this awesome little device looks like!!
  • Staddler Form Anna Ceramic Heater- this heater is slender with a silver and white finish.  It’s style goes with almost anything, and in addition it provides for a very powerful ceramic heating element and even contains an automatic safety shutoff feature.
  • Econo Heat Eheater- a wall mountable heater that you can customize to your wall style by painting! Not only is it invisible but it alleviates being knocked over.
  • Sunpentown Mini Tower Ceramic Heater- small and slender heater that can be tucked away! Some of the features are overheat protection, cool-to-the-touch casing and a tip-over switch.
  • Dyson AMo4 Fan heater- futuristic looking fan that provides for heat in the winter and a fan for hot summer nights!

So this year, don’t worry about trying to find every blanket in the house to try and keep warm; treat yourself to a modernized space heater that will not only add style to the room but also alleviate bundling up as well!


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Home Gyms Gets Heart Pumping

Folino Homes : January 16, 2013 12:28 pm : blog

Wouldn’t we all love to work out if our gym looked like this?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, that new year’s resolution to hit up the gym on a daily basis to get back in shape and lose the holiday weight is already starting to be challenging, especially with the cold snowy weather.  This is the peak of the year where we all want to get into shape and perfect that beach body before the summer time hits.  The truth is by the time 5:00pm rolls around, it’s cold and dark outside, you have to get in your car to drive home, change into your gym gear, then drive to the gym. And lets not forget about dinner! Certainly, the motivation drastically decreases.  At that point, you just want to stay home in the luxury of your nice warm house.  Well guess what? There’s a solution! Why not enjoy the luxury of your home and exercise at the same time?  It won’t cost drastically more than your yearly gym membership and it’s a space your whole family can utilize. Here are some tips to convert an extra room in your house to your new, personalized gym:

  1. inspirational gym- stay motivated when you work out by surrounding yourself with your favorite photos or collectibles to maintain that positive attitude.
  2. all-inclusive workout- use an entertainment system to organize your weights, keep extra towels, or store water bottles.  Add a tv and favorite dvd to exercise to and your workout is sure to be a success!
  3. visual transformation-add floor to floor ceiling mirrors against one wall, so you can really take notice on everything you are doing to perfect your workout as well as brighten the space if you’re in a basement or room with no windows.
  4. yoga studio- a spare bedroom or office is perfect to create a yoga studio.  Ambient lighting and yoga mats are the only things you need to create this oasis!
  5. stair workout- have an awkward area underneath the stairs in your basement?  Stick a piece of equipment in there!
  6. cool down- we all love the cool down phase of the workout process. Create a seating bench with built in storage to hide any extra weights or towels you might have laying around.
  7. family workout- include the entire family!  Paint a wall with chalkboard paint and add some things for the kids to play with.  This way not only will they be content, you can enjoy your workout and all be in the same room together!
  8. gym addict- convert your old attic into a gym, stretching area, and yoga studio.  This is also a perfect way to get rid of all that old, unused junk stored up there!
  9. office break- if you’re limited to space, try squeezing it in to your home office.  This would be a great way to always keep you on your toes and remember your workouts at the end of the day.

So this winter, don’t get discouraged!  Create your own personalized gym in the convenience of your own home and hopefully you’ll find that motivation to get in shape for good!

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Serenity in a Bedroom

Folino Homes : January 11, 2013 12:53 pm : blog

I’m sure we can all agree that one of the greatest feelings is being able to walk in to your bedroom and feel a sense of quiet relaxtion.  This is mainly due to the fact of how the bedroom is decorated to make you feel that way.  Before getting to that point we’re sure many of you feel that decorating a bedroom is just as, if not, harder than trying to decorate a kitchen or a living room.  Here are a few ideas to keep in mind to help ease your mind off the difficulty decorating your master bedroom could be!

  • Placing the bed- Try having the head of the bed on the wall opposite of the bedroom’s entrance.  Don’t worry if the headboard is blocking the window, how the bed is positioned is more important.  Another suggestion would be to place the bed still opposite of the entrance way, but making sure it is not right up against a wall or on a diagonal.  Something else to consider is what is your first thought when walking in to a bedroom.  Do you want to see the bed directly across from, or would you rather view the window scene?  These questions will be able to help answer any type of unsure questions you might hav regarding bed placement.
  • Buying nightstands- Figuring out the size of the stand you need is a rather easy task.  All you really need to figure out are the items that will be going on top of it to determine how big of one you will need to purchase.  Picking a stand with a larger top will allow for more items to go on top of it, or if you are more minimized, one with drawers would work as well.  You can also try positioning the nightstands to match the height of the mattress. Nightstands are great for welcoming an accent of color or a new furniture piece.
  • Traffic & seating areas- It’s a great feeling to wake up in a gigantically large bed, but just make sure that it is not dominating the entire bedroom!  Place your bed within the dimensions of your other pieces of furniture in which you plan to put in your room.  Some ideas for furniture pieces could be a single chair, or even a small table.  Just a rule of thumb, try and leave at least 2 feet of walking distance around the perimeter of the bed.
  • Decor- Inviting nature inside can be a wonderful way to create a calm environment. Add a plant or two, which will not only add color to the space, it will filter the air in your bedroom. Hang up artwork featuring ocean or forest scenes. Choose paint and bedspread colors that evoke a sense of serenity, like soft blues or greens.
  • Work Spaces & Clutter- The worst thing you can do in a bedroom space is clutter it up or add a work space. You’ll never be able to be fully calm or rested when you see these constant reminders of work or mess every evening before you fall asleep and every morning when you awake.

Now you have a few easy things to put into consideration when decorating your bedroom. Good luck and may you have a peaceful rest!

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A Lasting New Year’s Resolution

Folino Homes : January 2, 2013 11:02 am : blog

Can you believe the holidays have came and gone so quickly already?  It feels as if it was only yesterday when we were all wishing for the holiday season to arrive and start our Black Friday and Christmas shopping!  Well now it is that time again to start getting ready for the New Year.  I know many of us enjoy spending New Year’s Eve with our families, or going out on the town with friends, or even just enjoying a nice little quiet dinner at home.  With the New Year comes the infamous idea of New Year’s resolutions.  I am sure everyone can attest to this at some point in their life; we all make resolutions the night of and those resolutions get shortly lived!  Or, each year we say “this year I am sticking to my resolution,” and it never happens.  This year why don’t you try something different for the New Year’s?  Instead of making resolutions that are unattainable or made due to peer pressure, make a resolution for yourself that can be long lasting.  Here are a few key elements that could potentially become helpful to you in sustaining your resolution:

  • Focus on change, you will see results, versus focusing on results because you will never change
  • Don’t make the new year the only reason why you want to change
  • Resolutions often fail because you rarely see outcomes, they are calendar driven obligations
  • Stay mindful- this will help alleviate anything negative that could potentially keep you from achieving your goal
  • Recognize what makes you think positive- often times this will allow you to continue your motivation to the road to achieving your goal

So this year, start it out right!  Pick a resolution that will help create a better change for yourself, something that gives a sense of happiness. Don’t pick something just because you have to.  Choose wisely and try and find something that will make yourself an overall better person.  Just remember, you can only move forward!

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