Building Process

Our Building Process

Let’s meet!

We understand work schedules, soccer games, and getting dinner on the table are all very important parts of your day. That’s why we meet when it’s convenient for you. Evenings or weekends the best time? No problem. This is just the beginning of the process, and we like to make it as stress-free and enjoyable as possible right from the start. Want to know something else exciting? The builder will be there! Marco Folino, owner of Folino Homes, Inc. is present at almost every meeting we have. It’s just another extra step we like to make to ensure you feel comfortable in trusting us to build your family’s home.

You’ve chosen your home and lot!

After our first meeting and going over what you’re looking for in your family’s home, we’re getting pretty close to deciding which one of our models will best fit your needs. Maybe you’re thinking you love our Dover model, but something’s just not quite right. No problem, we can make any changes you’d like at no additional cost to you. After all, it is your home. Some of our homeowners may own their own lot or may be looking for one. They also may even have their own home print they’d prefer. Whatever the circumstance, we’re on board.

Let’s meet again!

We like to meet as many times as you feel comfortable before we sign the agreement. Many times, homeowners have given us their “wish list” of upgrades they would like included in the home. At this next meeting, we go over any changes to the print if there are any, and go over the pricing for any upgrades you’ve requested. At this point, you may go home and shop from your wish list to decide what you’d like included in your new home.

Agreement of Sale/Builder Contract

Everything is becoming a reality! At this meeting, we’ll get all our paperwork signed and in order. Haven’t decided exactly which upgrades you’d like? No need to worry. We can do a change order to the contract at a later date. Still have more questions? Of course you do! We’re accessible via email, phone, text message, you name it.

Selections, the fun part!

Your new home is already starting to take shape, with excavation and concrete underway. Now comes the fun part! We have many colors and styles to choose, from the exterior to the interior. Our gorgeous brand new showroom is currently under construction, however at its completion, we guarantee you won’t want to leave. The best part of the process besides the wine and cheese (yes, we understand a little bit of wine can make the process less stressful) is a certified interior decorator will be assisting you with your color selections. Can it get any better than that?

Sit back and watch your home come to life.

We know how exciting this part is and we welcome your visits to your home site while under construction. Marco Folino is more than happy to schedule a time with you and any family or friends you’d like to come along for a tour. In fact, we encourage your visits to the home while under construction, just in case you have any questions pop up.

It’s all yours!

Nothing makes us happier than handing over the keys to your new home. However, just because we’ve handed over the keys doesn’t mean we don’t still feel pride in ownership. In addition to your one year warranty, we’re there for you years down the road when Junior may have accidently threw that football through your kitchen window or you’re scratching your head trying to remember the name of that paint color. When you build a Folino home, you’re part of our family.