A New Breed of Space Heaters Helps You Stay Toasty in Style

Well that time of year is officially here, the cold, ice and snow!  Nothing like trying to bundle up and keeping warm on your comfortable couch watching some of your favorite shows!  The new designs on the market for space heaters have got everyone going out to purchase at least one. Their new styles are not only sleek and efficient but you are still able to maintain your style in addition to keeping warm.  There are many reasons to utilize a space heater. The most important reason is by turning down your central thermostat in your house and using a space heater, it can actually be a more efficient way to heat your home! Just make sure that when using the space heater you close all doors in surrounding rooms so that you are not heating those areas as well.  Here are some models for suggestions that you can look into purchasing for your home:

  • Staddler Form Max Heater/Fan, Swizz Style-  this cool device is versatile so that you can use it all year round!  It even comes in multiple colors to choose from.  The picture above is what this awesome little device looks like!!
  • Staddler Form Anna Ceramic Heater- this heater is slender with a silver and white finish.  It’s style goes with almost anything, and in addition it provides for a very powerful ceramic heating element and even contains an automatic safety shutoff feature.
  • Econo Heat Eheater- a wall mountable heater that you can customize to your wall style by painting! Not only is it invisible but it alleviates being knocked over.
  • Sunpentown Mini Tower Ceramic Heater- small and slender heater that can be tucked away! Some of the features are overheat protection, cool-to-the-touch casing and a tip-over switch.
  • Dyson AMo4 Fan heater- futuristic looking fan that provides for heat in the winter and a fan for hot summer nights!

So this year, don’t worry about trying to find every blanket in the house to try and keep warm; treat yourself to a modernized space heater that will not only add style to the room but also alleviate bundling up as well!


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