A Lasting New Year’s Resolution

Can you believe the holidays have came and gone so quickly already?  It feels as if it was only yesterday when we were all wishing for the holiday season to arrive and start our Black Friday and Christmas shopping!  Well now it is that time again to start getting ready for the New Year.  I know many of us enjoy spending New Year’s Eve with our families, or going out on the town with friends, or even just enjoying a nice little quiet dinner at home.  With the New Year comes the infamous idea of New Year’s resolutions.  I am sure everyone can attest to this at some point in their life; we all make resolutions the night of and those resolutions get shortly lived!  Or, each year we say “this year I am sticking to my resolution,” and it never happens.  This year why don’t you try something different for the New Year’s?  Instead of making resolutions that are unattainable or made due to peer pressure, make a resolution for yourself that can be long lasting.  Here are a few key elements that could potentially become helpful to you in sustaining your resolution:

  • Focus on change, you will see results, versus focusing on results because you will never change
  • Don’t make the new year the only reason why you want to change
  • Resolutions often fail because you rarely see outcomes, they are calendar driven obligations
  • Stay mindful- this will help alleviate anything negative that could potentially keep you from achieving your goal
  • Recognize what makes you think positive- often times this will allow you to continue your motivation to the road to achieving your goal

So this year, start it out right!  Pick a resolution that will help create a better change for yourself, something that gives a sense of happiness. Don’t pick something just because you have to.  Choose wisely and try and find something that will make yourself an overall better person.  Just remember, you can only move forward!

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