9 Low-Cost Ways to Insulate Windows and Doors

Winter time is here which means re-organzing the closet with all your winter clothing and heavy coats! Unfortunately this time of year can get pretty costly.  Do you find that each winter your utility bills keep getting higher and higher?  By blocking areas where drafts can get through, this will help reduce the amount of money you will spend on heat. Below are some inexpensive ways to do this that won’t break the bank:

  1. Weatherstripping & Caulking- Plug any air leaks that you might find by caulking inside and outside your window casing and use weatherstripping in the sash.
  2. Heavier Curtains- By switching out your summer curtains for heavier winter ones, this will help trap in more of the heat.  Choosing fabrics such as velvet or heavy linen on the windows will help keep away any unwanted drafts because it will provide more insulation.
  3. Doorway Curtains- If you have a glass door in your entry way, try hanging a floor length curtain directly behind the door.  It would make a beautiful accent piece during the day and at night when pulled shut, it would help absorb the heat.
  4. Cellular Shades- This is a window covering that is made with folds of fabric that help create multiple layers of air pockets to insulate windows.
  5. Layered Window Treatments- By layering windows with insulating or cellular shades with curtains hung on top, it will help keep your house warmer.
  6. Draft Stopping Door Snake- This quick and easy approach helps to stop a big draft underneath your door in no time! Stylish door snakes can even be found on Etsy!
  7. Insulating Window Film- This sticks directly to your windows, adding an additional layer of protection from elements.  Since you will be sticking it on the windows, you will not be able to see 100% clearly.  It might be a good idea to only add it to certain parts of the house!
  8. Storm Windows & Doors- This is a more costly approach; adding a storm window to an older window that has been weatherstripped provides the same or better energy savings as a new dual-pane window.
  9. Exterior Barn Doors- Take the barn-door trend outside with thick sliding doors to protect sliding glass doors underneath.

Extra money saved on heating costs means extra money for an island vacation this winter! If only…

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